2-4A Softball Schedule 2021

Barring any major setback due to the pandemic, District 2-4A has released the schedules for the 2021 season.

In the heart of the Permian Basin, District 2-4A is composed of six schools – Andrews, Fort Stockton, Midland Greenwood, Monahans, Pecos, and Seminole.  Each plays 10 games – one home and one away – against competing district teams.

March 16
Midland Greenwood at Andrews
Pecos at Seminole
Fort Stockton at Monahans

March 19
Andrews at Pecos
Monahans at Midland Greenwood
Fort Stockton at Seminole

March 23
Seminole at Andrews
Pecos at Monahans
Midland Greenwood at Fort Stockton

March 26
Fort Stockton at Andrews
Midland Greenwood at Pecos
Monahans at Seminole

March 30
Andrews at Monahans
Pecos at Fort Stockton
Seminole at Midland Greenwood

April 6
Andrews at Midland Greenwood
Seminole at Pecos
Monahans at Fort Stockton

April 9
Pecos at Andrews
Midland Greenwood at Monahans
Seminole at Fort Stockton

April 13
Andrews at Seminole
Monahans at Pecos
Fort Stockton at Midland Greenwood

April 16
Andrews at Fort Stockton
Pecos at Midland Greenwood
Seminole at Monahans

April 20
Monahans at Andrews
Fort Stockton at Pecos
Midland Greenwood at Seminole



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