7-On-7 Div III State Qualifier

Odessa, TX – Pool assignments and game times have been released for the Odessa Division III 7-on-7 State Qualifier Tournament.  The SQT will be held on May 28 at the Ratliff Sports Complex south fields, adjacent to Yukon Road.

Eight local teams will be participating in a Round Robin format of two groups of four teams.  The top two qualifiers will advance to the State tournament.  Pool ‘A’ will consist of – Compass Academy, Alpine, Eldorado, and the Permian JV.  Pool ‘B’ will be made up of – Wink, Sonora, Crane, and the Odessa High JV.

All normal Texas State 7-on-7 rules will be observed and enforced.  Softshell helmets and mouthpieces will be required and worn by all participants while on the field of play.  The length of play for each contest will consist of two 15 minute halves.  There will be no halftime.  Ball possession will switch as though there was an intermission.  There will be a 10 minute break between games.

All unsportsmanlike actions will be penalized.  A second unsportsmanlike penalty during the tournament will result in player disqualification.  A third team unsportsmanlike could result in team disqualification.  There will be minimal shade, so if attending, prepare and hydrate accordingly. 

For the two qualifying teams, the Division III State Tournament (Class 3A and smaller classification schools) is scheduled for June 24-25 at the Veterans Park and Athletic Complex in College Station.

8:00 Permian JV vs Eldorado Odessa High JV vs Wink
8:40 Compass Academy vs Alpine Sonora vs Crane
9:20 Permian JV vs Compass Wink vs Sonora
10:00 Alpine vs Eldorado Odessa High JV vs Crane
10:40 Permian JV vs Alpine Crane vs Wink
11:20 Compass vs Eldorado Sonora vs Odessa High JV
Lunch Break
1:00 Winner A vs Runner-Up B Winner B vs Runner-Up A
1:40 Championship Game  

*First team listed will be designated as the visiting team, wearing white or light jersey shirts.  Second team will be the home team and wear dark jersey shirts.  A coin flip will determine who gets first possession of the ball in each game.

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