Eldorado, Alpine Advance In Wink SQT

Odessa, TX – Two area teams punched their tickets to the State 7-on-7 Championships after competing in Friday’s Division III State Qualifier Tournament at the Ratliff Sports Complex.  Out of the eight teams in the Wink SQT, Alpine and Eldorado will be advancing to College Station on June 24-25.

The day began with two pools of four teams participating in a round robin format.  Pool A consisted of – Compass Academy, Alpine, Eldorado, and the Permian JV.  Pool B was made up of – Wink, Sonora, Crane, and the Odessa High JV.  After each team had played their three games, Eldorado sat on top as the number one seed from Pool ‘A’ facing Wink, the second place finisher from Pool ‘B’.  It would also pit Alpine against Crane for the other semifinal showdown.

Intensity hit it’s high point as the four teams fought for the two qualifying spots up for grabs.  Alpine surprised Crane by pulling out a 22-18 victory.  Eldorado did what the Eagles had done all morning, played at an elevated level.  They would win convincingly over Wink by a score of 40-21.

Tournament director Brian Gibson, who will assume his normal role as Wink’s head football coach this Fall, ran a pretty tight ship and provided a smooth running SQT for all attending teams.  Gibson thought the tourney was well played by all.  “The competition was really equal across the board and there were some great games. You could tell that many were real rusty at the game of 7v7, even though we had a football season. 7v7 is a different game and takes a lot of time to learn and get a rhythm.”

Gibson went on to say, “It is no surprise I am a little disappointed that Wink didn’t qualify, but was happy with many things that I saw from the Wildcats today. Other than about three or four kids, this was their first real experience in a 7v7 SQT. Certain that after we clean up a few things we will improve greatly. Eldorado looked sharp the entire day, and Crane played some great ball too. Obviously, Alpine provided the excitement of the day knocking off the #1 seed of Pool ‘B’ to qualify for the state tournament.” 

The Division III State Tournament (Class 3A and smaller classification schools) is scheduled for June 24-25 at the Veterans Park and Athletic Complex, with Eldorado and Alpine getting their invitations today.  There will be another 7-on-7 SQT for area teams to give it another shot.  It will be held at McMurry on June 11 in Abilene.  While two teams picked up qualifying wins, all eight gained something far more valuable… experience.


Eldorado (3-0)
Alpine (2-1)
Permian JV (1-2)
Compass (0-3)
Crane (3-0)
Wink (2-1)
Odessa High JV (1-2)
Sonora (0-3)
Eldorado 14, Permian JV 13
Alpine 20, Compass 12
Permian JV 19, Compass 6
Eldorado 29, Alpine 13
Alpine 31, Permian JV 25
Eldorado 20, Compass 14
Wink 10, OHS JV 6
Crane 34, Sonora 0
Wink 35, Sonora 12
Crane 31, OHS JV 13
Crane 34, Wink 14
OHS JV 38, Sonora 14
Eldorado 40, Wink 21 Alpine 22, Crane 18


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